Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cupcake Fiesta Concept

And I'm back with part two of my first post. Now, I have no solid plotline as such; I'm just aiming for gentle humor with stop-motion candies with cupcakes as the playing field/background.

This aesthetic I'm going for isn't a smoothly animated piece, but more of an art piece in the end. It might be a little jerky, very simple, very decorative and design-based.  And, given that the characters are cookies/candies, smoothness of motion and exaggeration of expression just isn't very possible, anyway.

So, here are some sketches of character-like critters:

Possible settings:

Of course, every project has an order to follow though on. I chose not to nominate specific people; if my idea was chosen, I'd want to meet the people that wanted to do mine and see who best qualifies for which position rather than nominate close friends based on my relationship with said friends alone. Anyways, here's a basic layout of the jobs:

Obviously, everything here is in the very beginning of the planning stages, and I mean both concept and the job layouts. I'm leaving it fairly open to adjustment.

Oh, can't forget the timeline!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Large project concept: The Great Cupcake Fiesta

Please ignore the fact that my About Me is floating at the bottom of my blog; my blogger page is being extremely buggy.

In other news, I'm to begin my planning for a proposal for a large group project. In this post, I'll be sharing my research; concept art and ideas will be shared in the next one.

Now, of course, any serious project required research. When we were first charged with coming up with ideas, I was inspiration-less, but Pinterest fixed that! A friend of mine was scrolling through some Halloween stuff and a pair of Halloween-themed cupcakes, and suddenly I was struck by the idea of using the cupcakes as a sort of stop-motion thing. The ideas for said animation will be explained further in my next post.

Anyways, my research involved finding clever, cute, unique, and artistic cupcakes form which to draw inspiration for characters, props, and backgrounds to be painted on the little cakies.
Oh, and I included a photo of some Peeps because they'd be a great candy to use for something like this, as well. All the photos below have links to the originals, and have been cropped so you HAVE to follow the credit links to see the full photos.

Here are some Character ones:

Some Prop ones:

Some Backdrop ones:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anticipation/Acceleration Finished

So I never got to post my finished ant/acc piece. If you remember, it was this post of the stick figure version of the tackle and hug. 
Well, now it's been fiddled with and has actual characters, color, and background. I made the step forward longer so that it looked like the redhead -named Kayden- put more weight on his forward leg before leaping.
I still feel like it could use more to it to give it a little extra life, perhaps.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Critter Raids: Cell Shaded

So here are my basic shaded gif sets for the run cycles. I tried to clean it up some more and wanted to add some depth with the shading. I may yet come back and do more cleaning and more complex shading, but that will depend on how much free time I have.
So, enough of my rambling, on to the works!



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Critter Raids: Line Gifs

So, continuing with updates of my progress on my run-cycles, here are the lined, gif versions.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Critter Raids: Run Cycle Tests

Wooo, rough animations! I haven't done run cycles in class yet, but I wanted to flesh out the running styles of my three characters. I started out in Toonboom Harmony so I could use the onion-skin to try to make the roughs match up at least a little, thus making the refinement process easier on myself.

I started with Sam, and tried to really get those legs going for the impression of his speed. 

Nest, I worked on Bluebell. For her, I went for a smoother yet heavier look, as she's larger and because speed isn't her top attribute.

Finally, I did Caleb hopping. I really ought to have attempted a flight cycle, but i feel that I don't have the time to get that done by Tuesday.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Final Selection: Critter Raids Game Concept

So I've made the final cut, and the idea I'm going with is the video game one. Yes, it actually has a plot; it's simplistic, but this would be a fairly simple sort of game. The basic plot is that the three forest critters- Sam Oaks the squirrel, Bluebell Feld the bunny, Caleb Russo the cardinal- go on a mission to sabotage a construction company tearing down their forest to make a hotel by the lakeside. There are subplots, of course, and other details left out here, but that's the gist of it.

Also, I decided on the final palette, two-toned for a sort of "Before/After" effect; the warmer colors for before the destruction, the grayish for after:

Speaking of "Before/After", here are the scenery pieces; the golden forest from before, and now a partially gone bit before the lake:
And now to the main characters! Sam Oaks is feisty and full of himself. His strengths lie in speed and stealth.
Bluebell Feld is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth girl who tries to help reign in Sam's antics. Despite her appearance, Bell is the strongest of the three. In fact, that's her biggest asset.
And last but no least is Caleb Russo, the flighty, dreamy genius of the gang. His ability of flight is a huge benefit to the group, as he can go places and do missions the others cannot.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Animation Progress: Anticipation/Acceleration Pt 1

So, in class we started our second animation project last week. We're attempting to show anticipation and acceleration in a person/object, and it should be about three seconds long. I chose to have two characters interacting, namely, one is tackling the other.

I've re-timed this several times, as my teacher kept suggesting ways to show the motion. These stick figures aren't the final look I want to go for, just practice in showing the motion.

So, that's it so far! I'll try to post next week when  have the finished product, hopefully colored, but we'll see.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Color Concepts

Alright, time for the next process in my three menagerie concepts; color!  it has been an interesting experience, dabbling in making palettes for concepts; it's not something I'd really done much of before.

Keeping in order with my first post, I'll start with the Punny Animals one.
For my inspirations for this project, I chose two pieces by RHADS on deviantart.
(As before, click the images to see the originals)

He uses color in a naturalistic manner, yet somehow manages to maintain vibrancy. Here are my concepts, re-vamped with color:

Net come the ornaments. I found that I was inspired by kinkei's simplistic and uplifting use of color.

I felt ornament designs could use that, so I tried to emulate some fo that here:

Last but not least comes my inspirations in color usage for my game concept. I went back to LuigiL's page, of course, but I also checked out PascalCampion, whose color casting for scenery is truly breathtaking.

I started some basic character and background concepts in color here:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So, seeing as how I'm an animation student, it's about time I shared my first assignment in animation! It's just the classic bouncing all, but the lesson in squash in stretch is pretty important, anyway. 

My next assignment will be anticipation and acceleration- it will certainly require much more planning.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Menagerie Concept Ideas

New project for my Design for Media class!
These are some of the basic ideas and their inspirations- I had a hard time starting up with ideas, but I think I might have some keepers here, maybe.

First idea: Punny Predators!
I like the idea of taking something scary/serious and making it cute and/or funny. Though it doesn't reflect in my sketching style, a final version of this would be inspired by Patrick Brown's DayZ; he takes an otherwise scary, serious scene and makes it humorous with something as simple as the lead man's expression. (Note: this is not the full image. Click on the image to go to the artist's website; I didn't want to take the entire image without special permission.)

So, I tried to get some ideas running:

Second Idea: Animal Ornaments!
This one seems more random to me; it wasn't directly inspired by something. Or, well, it was, but the image it was inspired by wasn't an image of ornaments, but rather on of birds. Take a look at Griffsnuff's Chickens. (Note: Also not full image. Same as above.)

Mine are, of course, actual ornaments and not just chickens.

Third Idea: Forest Critters Game Concept.
This third and final concept is inspired by LuigiL's Leo; I love his way of laying out detailed plans for a game!  (Note: Same as other two)

Mine won't be the same if I choose this idea, of course; I just find it so cute how he goes into such detail. The following sketch, of course, does no such thing; it's just a quick bit of doodling to get the idea out there. Of the other two, I believe this one would take the most work and planning of all.