Monday, September 10, 2012

Color Concepts

Alright, time for the next process in my three menagerie concepts; color!  it has been an interesting experience, dabbling in making palettes for concepts; it's not something I'd really done much of before.

Keeping in order with my first post, I'll start with the Punny Animals one.
For my inspirations for this project, I chose two pieces by RHADS on deviantart.
(As before, click the images to see the originals)

He uses color in a naturalistic manner, yet somehow manages to maintain vibrancy. Here are my concepts, re-vamped with color:

Net come the ornaments. I found that I was inspired by kinkei's simplistic and uplifting use of color.

I felt ornament designs could use that, so I tried to emulate some fo that here:

Last but not least comes my inspirations in color usage for my game concept. I went back to LuigiL's page, of course, but I also checked out PascalCampion, whose color casting for scenery is truly breathtaking.

I started some basic character and background concepts in color here:

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