Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cupcake Fiesta Concept

And I'm back with part two of my first post. Now, I have no solid plotline as such; I'm just aiming for gentle humor with stop-motion candies with cupcakes as the playing field/background.

This aesthetic I'm going for isn't a smoothly animated piece, but more of an art piece in the end. It might be a little jerky, very simple, very decorative and design-based.  And, given that the characters are cookies/candies, smoothness of motion and exaggeration of expression just isn't very possible, anyway.

So, here are some sketches of character-like critters:

Possible settings:

Of course, every project has an order to follow though on. I chose not to nominate specific people; if my idea was chosen, I'd want to meet the people that wanted to do mine and see who best qualifies for which position rather than nominate close friends based on my relationship with said friends alone. Anyways, here's a basic layout of the jobs:

Obviously, everything here is in the very beginning of the planning stages, and I mean both concept and the job layouts. I'm leaving it fairly open to adjustment.

Oh, can't forget the timeline!


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  2. And this is going to be legitimate cupcakes and cookies and such? The idea is delicious, in both the literal and not-so literal sense.
    Though I'm curious as to how this will be shot, like are the characters going to be standing on the background or will the background be suspended while the characters move about and do their thing?

  3. Yum! This sounds like it would be a fun piece :)
    As for the jerky motion, I would consider it, but not aim for it. Like if your animation ends up a bit jerky, yet gets the idea across, that's ok! But if you're aiming for jerkiness, it may get emphasized and get a bit out of hand, ya know?