Sunday, September 16, 2012

Final Selection: Critter Raids Game Concept

So I've made the final cut, and the idea I'm going with is the video game one. Yes, it actually has a plot; it's simplistic, but this would be a fairly simple sort of game. The basic plot is that the three forest critters- Sam Oaks the squirrel, Bluebell Feld the bunny, Caleb Russo the cardinal- go on a mission to sabotage a construction company tearing down their forest to make a hotel by the lakeside. There are subplots, of course, and other details left out here, but that's the gist of it.

Also, I decided on the final palette, two-toned for a sort of "Before/After" effect; the warmer colors for before the destruction, the grayish for after:

Speaking of "Before/After", here are the scenery pieces; the golden forest from before, and now a partially gone bit before the lake:
And now to the main characters! Sam Oaks is feisty and full of himself. His strengths lie in speed and stealth.
Bluebell Feld is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth girl who tries to help reign in Sam's antics. Despite her appearance, Bell is the strongest of the three. In fact, that's her biggest asset.
And last but no least is Caleb Russo, the flighty, dreamy genius of the gang. His ability of flight is a huge benefit to the group, as he can go places and do missions the others cannot.

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