Saturday, September 29, 2012

Large project concept: The Great Cupcake Fiesta

Please ignore the fact that my About Me is floating at the bottom of my blog; my blogger page is being extremely buggy.

In other news, I'm to begin my planning for a proposal for a large group project. In this post, I'll be sharing my research; concept art and ideas will be shared in the next one.

Now, of course, any serious project required research. When we were first charged with coming up with ideas, I was inspiration-less, but Pinterest fixed that! A friend of mine was scrolling through some Halloween stuff and a pair of Halloween-themed cupcakes, and suddenly I was struck by the idea of using the cupcakes as a sort of stop-motion thing. The ideas for said animation will be explained further in my next post.

Anyways, my research involved finding clever, cute, unique, and artistic cupcakes form which to draw inspiration for characters, props, and backgrounds to be painted on the little cakies.
Oh, and I included a photo of some Peeps because they'd be a great candy to use for something like this, as well. All the photos below have links to the originals, and have been cropped so you HAVE to follow the credit links to see the full photos.

Here are some Character ones:

Some Prop ones:

Some Backdrop ones:

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