Monday, September 3, 2012

Menagerie Concept Ideas

New project for my Design for Media class!
These are some of the basic ideas and their inspirations- I had a hard time starting up with ideas, but I think I might have some keepers here, maybe.

First idea: Punny Predators!
I like the idea of taking something scary/serious and making it cute and/or funny. Though it doesn't reflect in my sketching style, a final version of this would be inspired by Patrick Brown's DayZ; he takes an otherwise scary, serious scene and makes it humorous with something as simple as the lead man's expression. (Note: this is not the full image. Click on the image to go to the artist's website; I didn't want to take the entire image without special permission.)

So, I tried to get some ideas running:

Second Idea: Animal Ornaments!
This one seems more random to me; it wasn't directly inspired by something. Or, well, it was, but the image it was inspired by wasn't an image of ornaments, but rather on of birds. Take a look at Griffsnuff's Chickens. (Note: Also not full image. Same as above.)

Mine are, of course, actual ornaments and not just chickens.

Third Idea: Forest Critters Game Concept.
This third and final concept is inspired by LuigiL's Leo; I love his way of laying out detailed plans for a game!  (Note: Same as other two)

Mine won't be the same if I choose this idea, of course; I just find it so cute how he goes into such detail. The following sketch, of course, does no such thing; it's just a quick bit of doodling to get the idea out there. Of the other two, I believe this one would take the most work and planning of all.

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