Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Walking Test

So, we finished doing walk cycles in my class. I wish I could've gotten farther on mine with cleaning it up and testing it and the like, but this'll do for now. 
I wanted to give this character a particularly sassy walk, and thus watched a lot of male models on the runway for inspiration; who could have a sassier walk than those men? I actually downloaded a video of a runway show from a few years back, separated out each model, and then made gifs of each so that I could flip through frame-by-frame to get a feel for a walk with a lot of hip-swaying from the side-view.
While it helped to put a picture in my mind of what I wanted, I still had to go back and understand the basics of the walk cycle. So, I borrowed my roommate's copy of The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams and poured over that book; I swear my nose touched the pages a few times! Eventually, I just erased his toso and started only with his hips and legs, as I noticed that torso and arms are more or less secondary motion in a walk... unless you're walking on your hands, that is, but that's a special case.
When I got that down, I continued on with the torso and arms. Finally, I arrived at a nice, generic walk; it was believable at last! Then came the fun part; editing it! I exaggerated the swinging of shoulders and hips and played with that timing; I'd noticed form my gifs/videos that male models almost sorta hop for a dramatic effect that gives them a lot of attitude. Thus, I figured that the 'up' part of my character's cycle would be quicker and need less frames; he needed less of the up and more of the down, giving him a forceful but not overly masculine walk.
So, here I am, at this point. He's not finished and I do want to come back, but not til I finish the Lost Files. I wanted to add a small child chasing after him, one that just craves his attention all the time (hint: that's why he looks so annoyed and rushed!), but I just didn't have time.
Well, enough of my chatter; view the video yourself!

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