Friday, October 5, 2012

Metamorphosis with Wendy D. Watson

In my Animation 1 class, we finished our metamporhosis a while back but I haven't been able to post my finished product as such. Well, here it is!

I used my character Wendy, who's a young witch in training known for her outgoing and whacky personality. In fact, that's why they call her "Whacky Wendy". He has a tendency to change her hair and eyes every other day to vibrant and unnatural shades just because she can.

Enough on the character, though; let's get to the animation:

I chose to do the speed-lines because I felt it added to the insubstantiality of the character between forms. Oh, and it's just god practice to learn to use it. Since I finished her relatively early, I decided to make it a whole scene and added a background and an instructor to give the animation more personality, or something.

We are currently working on walk cycles. I hope to soon have that posted. It won't be as finished as this piece, but that's because (a) walk cycles are harder and (b) I'm going home this weekend for family stuff and won't have as much time.

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