Monday, October 8, 2012

The Lost Files: Concept Sketches

In one of my previous posts, I showed a timeline of the short film I am working on and stated that I would add more later.

Well, here it is at last, some of my sketches showing some experimentation with character shape and clothing.

I started with the faces, as I felt the face and facial expressions would be used more than the body as a whole. Here, I tried to experiment with the shape of the face; round, 'square', heart-shaped. I tried to add features that fit in with the overall shape of the face, and tried to keep it simple while giving them all character to aid in ease of animation.

I almost did a male version, but wasn't sure whether or not the director would want that.

For this next one, I wanted to experiment with body types; I feel like playing with the body shape is something underrated because there's a whole variety of shapes to play with! I did skinny, busty, curvy, large, etc. to see how each body would feel. I ignored faces and heads for now; I just wanted bodies.

Well, basic bodies aside, it was time for clothing! This character is suposed to be relatable, a student working late hours on a project. As such, overly dressy outfits were out of the question; it's time for comfort! Baggy sweatshirts, tee-shirts and scarves, jeans, sweat pants, cotton dresses, and the like I played with some shoes, but I don't feel like we need anything complicated for this; comfort for character and ease of animation are most important, there.

Now come the sketches of more fully-fleshed designs. Yes, still not clothes; I didn't want to just pick one yet, not til I've seen what everyone else has come up with for this. I wanted to add character through posture as well as expression, and I really wanted to convey volume through my lines, here.

Well, I'll get to see input from the others in what's really just a few hours, so I'll wrap this up. I had fun doing these sketches, though I encountered a few blocks. I would have done a storyboard, but being so busy this weekend, I couldn't find the time whatsoever.


  1. I really like the exploration of different body-types and clothing. It is going to be exciting deciding what she is going to look like in the end!

    1. Thank you, Kaitie!

      For my teachers:

  2. Glad to see someone else experimented with body shapes! Although I have to say your sketches are a lot more invested than mine were. Personally I really like the left figure in the bottommost sketch.