Monday, October 29, 2012

The Lost Files: Progress

Alright. So, first, progress on the project as a whole.
So far, we're doing well, with most of it roughed out and cleanup in the beginning stages. Backgrounds are well on their way, witch sketches done and color in the works.
Well, here's the roughs right now:

There is, however, a little problem; ToonBoom's default resolution is NTSC, which is low-quality. Fortunately, we have found out how to convert the files so that cleanup lines and color can be done in the HD mode.

Every meeting session, I make sure to check up with everyone in the art department individually to see progress and answer questions. I report back to Emma, and between my reports and her collection of roughs, she made a nice little chart of what's done and needs to be done.

So far, so good! Tomorrow we'll plan out who will color what scenes and such in our early Heads' Meeting (8am every Tuesday).

Speaking of this Tuesday... it's costume day! We want to spice up our Documentary photos with some Spooktacular costume/make-up! Anyone that comes in and doesn't have anything can have a small scar/wound provided by moi.

Texture from T-a-g-g-e-r

Now, on to my personal progress! I have tweened the first scene for a smoother flow, exaggerated the walk in the second scene, and finished the third scene. I loved doing the secondary animation for the third; secondary just adds so much life and drama to animation.
Here they are, in numerical order:

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