Monday, October 15, 2012

The Lost Files: Storyboard/Animatic

I'm back to reporting progress on the short The Lost Files, directed by Emma

As Art Director, I'm responsible for managing things like style and story. In practice, however, I feel that Emma and I are working very closely, and that she's actually taken far more charge with the characters.
In story, all people involved in the story had a say, but for consistency of style's sake, we decided she and I would draw the scenes for the animatic. What with that done, we're now in the process of breaking down the animatic into scenes, and, from there, we'll assign certain people to certain tasks, such as roughs and keyframes, tweening, clean-up, etc.
How did we know who was good at what? Well, it was Emma's idea to have a 'gesture day'; each animator plays with the concept, creating a very short animation. Based on the style of each person's work, we decide who seems to be best at what. For example, I did an animation of a dancing girl for the Facebook scene:

Emma liked how relatively clean this was and how I tried to match her style. Anthony was similarly clean. As such, the clean-up artists will be Emma, Anthony, and myself. We've similarly broken down everyone else; this is just an example.

Today, we intend to meet up and break things down, assign each person to a specific role. At last, crunch-time begins...
For the storyboard, I did only the beginning and end, due to the fact that she changes style when she enters the digital world. Emma is more stylized, and I have more realistic proportions, so we decided to break it down like that.
Due to the fact that I made 34 images, I'm linking out of here for the storyboard finals I have. (Yes, we did some roughs as well.) So, if you want to look, click Here. (Note: When viewing, look to the left and find a drop-down box that says "view by" and set it to "Oldest". It puts the ending first, but otherwise everything is in order.)


  1. I love this idea! I think its awesome that you literally made the girl have a duck face. I do think it would be nice to have a second girl, or even maybe a stereotypical guy on Facebook.

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