Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lost Files: Update!

Update on Lost Files progress!

So, it seems I haven't established my two roles very well. As Art Director, it is my job to oversee what all the artists are doing; as of right now, that consists of checking up on progress of rough animations and progress of the backgrounds. Color schemes are pretty final about now, though I need to look at character colors. 
As Art Director, I'm also supposed to answer any questions and aid in animation when an artist gets stuck.

Now, as an animator, I've been assigned to roughs and cleanup. Scenes have been broken down for me to handle. Speaking of said scenes, I've roughed one and have started roughing another- but, you know, walk cycles kill me. Add on some perspective AND turning and that makes one killer of a scene to animate.
Well, without further ado:

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