Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Myth-Chievous Update

Well, due to an un-forseen amount of lost time, I am officially behind schedule this week. Characters are fleshed out, but pallettes aren't done and the storyboard is only mostly cleaned.

That said, I want it known that, the reason I haven't been explaining that much dept into the characters is because I'm hoping this'll be a teaser or lead-in to the webcomic I want to stat with Kaylee.

Anyway, here are my cleaned characters, drawn in couples and in their respective favorite colors (If you forget their titles, please refer to last week's post):

Now, on to the storyboard! Each little bit has its symbolism; I shall explain it next time, with the cleaned up boards and first-draft animatic. For now, I guess the images will have to suffice: