Monday, November 19, 2012

Final Projects: Myth-chievous

So, I finally came up with a title for the upcoming webcomic; Myth-chievous. Yes, it's punny and not entirely serious, but the comic itself is intended to be a little humorous. Kaylee likes the suggested title, so we're sticking to it.

I made sketches of each character in a simplified style for the animatic, and here I'll list out the characters, their positions, and their corresponding images:
Charlie/Satan: Lord of Greed
Lucifer: King of Hell, Lord of Pride
Kayden: Angel of Death 
Azarael: Queen of Hell, Lady Pride 
Wolfgang: Lord of Envy
Sanctuary: Lady Envy

Jacqueline: Lady Greed

Tucker: Lord of Gluttony
Cassidy: Lady Gluttony
Astarte: Lady of Wrath
Jacques: Lord Wrath

Azmodeus: Lord of Lust
Anna: Lady Lust

Ezekiel: Lord of Sloth
Belle: Lady Sloth

The colors are supposed to say something about each individual's personality, or, at least as much as something like color can indicate. We tried to go with colors for each character that weren't over-done or stereotyped (i.e. Lord Lust liking Lime Green and not Red) to make it interesting. There is, however, a reason behind each color, as well. I may delve more into that later.

For now, I mapped out my song (so I had a starting point):

Then I began to make roughs/thumbnails, which I shall begin translating to a larger, cleaner digital format:

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