Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Lost Files: Finish-Line in Sight

So, in the past week the short film project the Lost Files has begun to get wrapped up; clean-ups have been made, color started and about finished. There are a few exceptions, but most everything has been done. We will soon be tweaking for continuity and putting it all together in Aftereffects.

Here is a post Emma made on our Facebook Group in which she listed what had been done up to that point. It has been tedious trying to keep track of everything everyone's done, for sure.

The majority of the team has done wonderfully from start to finish; animators and vis dev alike. There have been a few people that have 'dropped the ball', so to speak, but most everyone did beautifully.

That said, this weekend I had to re-animate the last scene because one of our animators (who shall remain anonymous here on this site) failed to do so and hand in the Toon Boom Harmony files. I had to rought, clean, color, nd import backgrounds. Then, I had to double check everyone else had backgrounds in their files, which, due to Harmony being strange a times with importing, turned out to be more of a handful than expected.

Here are the pieces of the puzzle I colored, with the last scene shown on the bottom:

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