Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Mischief Managed"

Yes, that is a Harry Potter quote; it's the phrase used to deactivate the Marauder's map, in case you, my lovely audience members, weren't aware.

So, as my title suggests, I managed to pump out my animatic! I'm missing the "Coming Summer 2013" and credits though, which is why there's an awkward gap at the end. 

(Since the credits for the song are not in the video and I don't want to step on any toes, the song is Rihanna's Mad House, from the album Rated R, copyrighted 2009 by The Island Def Jam Music Group. This song is used for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.)

And, at last, I can get into the symbolism in my usage of color and more!
Well, I assigned each sin a color:
Pride: purple, associated with royalty, thinking you're "top dog" or a "king among men"
Greed: Gold, because of the obsession with wealth
Lust: Red, for flaming passion (Fun fact; looking at red makes your heart beat slightly faster)
Sloth: Blue, as cool colors are seen as calm or "chill" and sloth is the sin of laziness, the ultimate in "chilling out"
Gluttony: Brown for all the grease and mess associated with this one (Note: Gluttony isn't only food, btw. The easiest way to describe it is calling it like willful addiction)
Death: this is not a sin, nor does it have a specific color with it. I just went for purple due to its mystery and green because certain shades evoke an uneasy feeling
Envy: Green, of course. Need I say more?
Wrath: Orange. Most people use red, but red seems more lustful, and yet orange is reminiscent of flames and anger.

Now, the stage at the beginning represents life on earth; it's all a game, a set-up that determines our fate in the next life.
Next, the King of Hell is shown in all his grandeur, and then we see him take the form of the snake, for he is the original sin. 
Greed is showcased in all his opulence, and, when lightning strikes, he and his wife are shown to be hollow inside form the petty lifestyle they live/represent. 
I didn't want to show outright sexual acts with lust, so I went for some criminal psychology instead; knives and stabbing are phallic and can represent penetration. The flames are for heated passion.
Sloth is shown doing what he does best; sleeping and sleeping and sleeping until he might as well be dead...
I didn't know what to do for gluttony; I wanted it to be somewhat recognizable, but still have the quasi-horrific theme the rest of the images had. Then I had the brilliant idea of cannibalism.
Death is stealing your soul, of course. I wanted him to be hard to see, and eerie, as most people think of him. Of course, he's not like that most days in the comic...
Envy was hard to represent. Then, I remembered that Lord Envy stole an angel right from heaven, because it is in his very nature to want what he cannot have. So I showed a scene of the angel's captivity, and the angel's disgust at the Lord of Envy.
I briefly considered showing little Lady Wrath looking cute but spattered in gore, but figured her companion would make an even better spotlight; they're sort of a Girlie and the Beast pair.

Anyways, that's enough of my blathering! Just watch the animatic for yourself!

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