Monday, January 28, 2013

New Semester and some Sketches

I've been very bad about updating, and I'm sorry about that. From now on, I'll try to post Monday/Wednesday. At the very least, there'll be some sketches up here.

In my animation class, our warm-ups are literally gestures of cartoons, and I'll be posting them here. I also have a few character roughs.

On the sixteenth, we did gestures of people, no cartoons, with a focus on emphasizing line of action and certain characteristics:

Due that day were some character concepts, as we would be using the same character the whole semester. Here's a sampling of what I made (Not including ones from sketchbook yet):

(If you've been here before, you probably recognize the two in the middle; thought it would be a neat exercise to break them down.)

That Monday, I believe we had a demonstration. As such, next image set is from the twenty-third, featuring gestures of Jiminy an Pinocchio from Pinocchio: 

This morning, the twenty-eighth, we did some Loony Tunes. But we spent les time on gestures this morning.

Last Friday, I did a pixel art tutorial at the Animation Student Collective.  I thought I share the sketchy piece I started to clean and the scenery piece I worked on:

And last but not least, sometime in the future I want to redo my blog, as my theme feels generic and under-personalized to me. I want to redo it all in pixel art, as it's become my thing, if you will.

That's all for now, and thanks!