Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sound: trying to animate a Drama Queen

Ah, well, it's time I posted what I worked on for class. I intended to post it earlier, but grocery shopping and scheduling dentist appointments.

In animation class, we were challenged to find a sound clip less than ten seconds long and animate some characters to it, using the body language primarily to illustrate the accents in the speech.

As none of the sound clips provided really fit Benjamin, and I couldn't think of any off-hand, I decided to use Asmodeus in a clip from "The Most Popular Girls in School", the very first episode. I thought it would be fun to animate to something that was much more flamboyant, and, boy, was I right!

Anyways, here is the piece, embedded from Vimeo (for higher quality, as all my previous ones uploaded directly here were very meh)

Roughing to Sound- A Long Story Short from Tara Nester on Vimeo.


  1. Awesome! I really love the background that you made for this! It might be cool to even add some secondary motion in the background if you have time. :)

  2. This is looking pretty cool! I love the audio you chose for this project.