Monday, February 11, 2013

Line of Action Practice

So we once again did sketches of Loony Tunes in animation. I really tried to see what made the poses of the shorts dynamic, what gave the character (Bugs) life and energy:

After warm-ups, the teacher began to critique certain works for the weight project. While he did that, I decided to practice more action-like poses; first with some ballerinas and then a baseball player. I felt like it was good practice to try to emulate the dynamics I'd been striving to copy before, but this time to try to make it on my own:

And, finally, my WIP of the weight-lifting exercise. Here, the character is supposed to pick up something light, then something heavy. Since my character, Benjamin, is a college student, I decided to make him deal with the mountains of books he needs. A lot of his backstory is still undergoing development, but so far he's a med student, which means a lot of heavy books and dictionaries.

First, hee picks up a single book, decides he doesn't need it, and tosses it back down. Then he walks over to his backpack and steels himself to pick it up, knowing all the while that it's extremely heavy:


  1. Super cool!
    I love the drawing of the dancers. They have a really good sense of motion and flow.
    Also your animation is really entertaining to watch. :)